Formation: Part One

Hearing a call to embrace an interspiritual, Celtic-inspired new monasticism? Just curious as to how lay monasticism works?

For those who have been invited by Saints Francis and Claire to come and join our Franciscan Way Of Life from their own monastery without walls, may we now invite you to watch this video here titled, “Celebrating the Little Way of an Interfaith Franciscan

For those interested in non-vowed membership within the Community, we joyfully encourage you to view our Membership Page for more information!

For those still hearing a call to a deeper, specific commitment with our Community, our Formation process unfolds in the following stages:

Saint_Francis_statue_in_gardenThe Contact Period – This is a period of 3 months where we get to know each other better through email or Skype.  You watch our presentations and maybe interact during a presentation through our live chat. We suggest during this period that you read the delightful book, “I, Francis” by Carlo Caretto.  This will familiarize you with the “spirit” of Saint Francis.

First Stage: Postulancy – If everything feels right for the both of us, the Community and you, you enter into a deeper relationship with the Community for a period of 9 months to a year.

At this time, we encourage you wear the Tau symbol as a reminder of your new commitment. You will continue to learn about what we do in social media such as Livestream, Facebook, Audioboo, etc. to encourage all to peace, tolerance and respect for each other and our earth.  All the while, you will be mentored by a member of the Community, who will walk your spiritual path with you, evaluate your progress together and be there as a guide to enhance your personal spirituality in light of Tau.

One of the books we use during this time is “The Interior Castle”, a commentary and guide penned by Carolyn Myss about the spiritual writings of a Carmelite nun. This is a wonderful book transcending all faiths and none that will assist you in your own spiritual development.

For information about the Novitiate and Final Profession Stages, please CLICK HERE to continue!