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Late Fall 2015 Web Update

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autumnhouseHappy November!

I’m pleased to report that we’ve made some adjustments this week to the web page, to assist in navigation, remove old or unused pages, and also offer some new and exciting information.  We hope you will enjoy it!

Some of the changes include: (more…)

Special Christmas Newsletter Edition

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candles2Happy Holidays to all!

Sr. Miriam has done a marvelous piece of editorial for our Christmas Newsletter, which arrived this morning hot off of her press there in Dunedan, New Zealand.

Click HERE to download the PDF version of this latest, great work!

The Tau Cross

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The early biographies of Francis tell us that he used the Tau very often as an expression of his devotion to the Cross of Jesus. We have copies of some of his letters in which he made the sign of the Tau in his own hand. On the wall of the little chapel of St. Mary Magdalen at Fonte Colombo the usual design used by the Poverello traced in red is to be found.


St. Francis’ Sufi Connection

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810px-Saint_Francis_of_Assisi_by_Jusepe_de_Ribera.jpg“What everyone is in the eyes of God, that he is no more.”
– When St. Francis of Assisi was praised by anyone, this was his reply

Most people know that St. Francis of Assisi was a lighthearted troubadour of Italy who experienced a religious conversion and became a saint with an uncanny influence over animals and birds. It is on record that the troubadours were a relic of Saracenic musicians (Saracen, an archaic name for Muslims used by Europeans) and poets. (more…)

Contemplative Living: We Are Already One

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356px-Cigoli_san_francesco.jpgWe are living in a time of brokenness and everyone is affected. We see brokenness in the guiding institutions of society upon which we have always depended to provide for the common good. We see brokenness in individuals, in our families, and in our environment.


A Reflection on Life as a ‘Modern Day Monastic’

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Br. SeanA Reflection on Life as ‘The Modern Day Monastic.’ By Brother Sean, Spiritual Director and Founder of the Tau Community of Interfaith Franciscans.

“Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance. ” – Francis of Assisi

What is the ‘pulling power’ that draws hearts to embrace God to a life of lay monasticism in the modern world? Could it be escape? Or, could it be considered pure unadulterated madness? Either way, the heart that searches for God will not rest until it finds God! The Psalmist reminds us that, ‘like the deer that yearns for restful waters, so my soul is thirsting for you my God.’