Formation: Part 2

hand-to-lightSecond Stage: Novitiate – This is a period of 2 or 3 years depending on your progress and spiritual development. During this time, you continue deepening your involvement with Tau, presenting morning or evening prayers on Live stream as time permits, continuing study of The Interior Castle by Carolyn Myss.

At this time, study of the 7 vows taken by fully professed members are studied as well with special emphasis on the vow of Divine Providence. You continue to interact with your Tau Community mentor throughout this entire time. The Tau symbol continues to be worn as a symbol of your commitment to the Tau way of peace, understanding and tolerance.

Approximately, 3 months prior to the end of your novice training,you will meet with your Community mentor and discuss your day of profession of vows, whether you are ready for that commitment and whether the Community feels you are ready.

Third Stage: Profession of Vows – At this time you can also discuss whether or not to wear the simple blue denim habit or to wear the Tau profession cross emblazoned with an olive branch. Your Profession Day finally comes and is marked by joy and celebration as you are welcomed as a full fledged member in our Community.

Remember after Profession of Vows, your learning and spiritual growth does not end.  As a newly professed sister or brother, you can further your studies and spiritual development by the Celtic Path or the Franciscan Path or one of your choosing. You will continue with support from your Community on a one to one basis as you continue on your chosen path.  It is also suggested that you choose a spiritual director outside of your Community to assist with your spiritual growth!

For a closer and more in-depth look into Celtic Franciscan Spirituality and our Way of Life, please feel free to peruse our chosen selection of video playlists created by our Founder: