What is Interspirituality?

What is Interspirituality? What is meant by this word? Why do we use it?

“As a Franciscan monk, I see interspirituality as God is in everything, everyone; in every place, object and being that has is very existence from God.” – Br. Sean

A wonderful example of Franciscan Interspirituality… is with Saint Francis himself! Read about it!

interspiritual  “In a nutshell, interspirituality refers to a spirituality so deeply rooted in the heart and the heart-experience of oneness—so deeply rooted in “felt-sense”—that any creed, belief, background, history, indeed anything that could cause separation between beings, becomes secondary if not irrelevant.


Interspirituality is about love and oneness, not “who is right” in the world of exclusive religious narratives, stories or claims as to history, historical persons, or what will happen in the future. Interspirituality is more about the underlying essence of religious experience, which is spirituality: the sanctity of all things, the forever now, and all that this implies.


In this way, interspirituality is different from conventional interfaith, which is really a horizontal discussion among various religions, beliefs, and creeds in the hope for more tolerance, peace, and mutual understanding.” – Wayne Teasdale, who ‘coined’ the term ‘Interspirituality’