Donations and Membership

Donations are gratefully accepted!

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Membership Information


There are three ways that you can join the Tau Community. Please choose your type of membership and then submit your form with your fee (see below).

The following initial membership applications for Friends, Associates, and Oblates/Professed Members, are basic forms to complete and send electronically. Once reviewed and accepted by the Spiritual Guardians, then a more detailed Information Application Pack will be sent to you, the prospective member!

1.) As a Friend of the Community:

We highly value our pledged Friends, who add so much to the brother and sisterhood of our community! Many contribute by offering their talents doing a Livestream presentation, submitting articles to our newsletter, and/or by praying with us on Livestream during the morning or evening.  Click HERE for the Friend’s Membership Form!

2.) As an Associate of the Community:

An Associate is much like a Friend of the Order, who while being a pledged partner to the Community, is often already a vowed or professed member of another recognized monastic Order. For this or other reasons, Associates do not take vows with the Tau Community. They do, however, offer their talents much as our Friends do, and often take on other roles to assist the Community. Click HERE for the Associate’s Membership Form!

3.) Become an Oblate or Professed Member:

You will be taken in stages with this full commitment. We hope you’ll view our Vocations and Formation page to learn more about becoming a professed monastic in our community! Click HERE for the initial Oblate or Professed Membership Form!


Donations and Membership Dues


Tau Yearly Membership: £5.00 ($8.00 USD)

Tau Life membership: £50.00 ($70.00 USD)

Donations towards the Franclara Abbey of Peace and Compassion

Other methods of donation:

International Banking Transfer
You can use the following information with your bank to send donations:

Account Name: Tau Community of Saint Francis
International; Bank Account Number: GBO7MIDL40332891397621

Or, Mail Donations to…

The Tau Community of Saint Francis
Monastery of Saint Francis,
Start Road, Start
Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA77JL
United Kingdom

Cheques can be made out to: The Tau Community of Saint Francis. Please be sure to sign and date your cheque.

Thank you!