The Tau Community of Saint Francis is a not-for-profit, volunteer, spiritual Order that runs on donations and the efforts of its members. The following members are facilitators and organizers of the Order. They give of themselves more than generously!

Br. Sean Rev. Brother Sean
Founder and Spiritual Director
Professed/Life Member since 2006

In 1966, Brother Sean joined a Catholic Order of nursing monks in Ireland that eventually sent him to Northern Ireland, London, Chicago and back to Manchester UK where he completed his general Nurse training as an SRN. He left the order after 8 years but remained a monk at heart. In 2006, a group of his students who were doing the Essenic Energy Medicine Course for Practitioners were given a message by Lord Kutumi, Saint Francis of Assisi, to set up the Tau Community and embrace all faiths.

In April 2008, whilst at the tomb of St. Francis of Assisi, he was quietly alone in reflection when he got a strong sense in his heart that Jesus and St francis were guiding him to establish the Fourth Order of Franciscans; a lay monastic community of men and women from different faiths to embrace the contemplative life initially from their own homes until the Franclara Abbey of Peace and Compassion would manifest itself from the ethers. In 2010, he renewed his vows for life and took the 7th vow, or promise, to live the contemplative life as an enclosed Franciscan monk.

Br. Sean continues to network for the Tau family using social media, especially for presenters for our Livestream Channel, Doves 4 Peace. This nightly commitment is our free gift to God/Gaia for global unity and peace. For the past 5 years, he has held an Interfaith service on the First Sunday of every month at the Monastery where members of the Tau Family join local people in a service for global unity and peace.

To help boost the Community’s funds, he loves to make all types of homemade chutneys and cakes to sell in his local village shop run by volunteers. All are welcome to come and taste the goodies from the Monk’s kitchen. Br. Sean has a personal website, which can be found HERE.