About Our Community

About Our Community

The Tau Community of St. Francis is an online, interspiritual circle of soul companions, a lay order of monastics serving in love, in the spirit of Saint Francis and Saint Clare.

Saint_Francis_statue_in_gardenWe honor all spiritual traditions, and lovingly welcome all into our mystic community, encouraging every member to share in the unimaginable power of grace. We hope you’ll join us!

“As a community of individuals who come from all walks of life, all backgrounds, all beliefs, all lifestyles, we support each other. We walk the Celtic-monastic path of peace, modeled after Francis of Assisi in tolerance and simplicity.” – Sr. Eleanor

We encourage you to read and enjoy the following articles, and invite you to contact us about becoming a member of our community!

About Saint Francis & Franciscan Thought:

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The Tau Community Perspective & Monastic Living:

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